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Editorial Board


Elsie Walker, Salisbury University

Assistant Editor

Ryan Conrath

Consulting Editor

David T. Johnson, Salisbury University


Bonni Miller, Salisbury University

Web Designer

John Mosher, Salisbury University

Founding Editors

James M. Welsh and Tom Erskine, Salisbury University

Contributing Editors

James Burton, Salisbury University

Kamilla Elliott, Lancaster University

Wendy Everett, University of Bath

Yvonne Griggs, University of New England

Sarah Hatchuel, University of Le Havre

David T. Johnson, Salisbury University

Thomas M. Leitch, University of Delaware

Peter Lev, Towson University

Brian McFarlane, Monash University

Kyle Meikle, University of Baltimore

Walter C. Metz, Southern Illinois University

Kenneth S. Nolley, Willamette University

Ian Olney, York College of Pennsylvania

Rebecca Pauly, West Chester University

Maarten L. Pereboom, Salisbury University

Krupa Shandilya, Amherst College

J.P. Telotte, Georgia Institute of Technology

Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin, Université Montpellier III Paul Valéry

Qi Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology